Around Kings Langley, Part 1

I took advantage of the bright spring weather this week to take a trip down memory lane, back to Kings Langley in Hertfordshire where some of my junior years were spent.

Used to catch sticklebacks here, and put them in a jam jar. Looking very murky now. I don't suppose there are any sticklebacks in that gloop!

Then we'd walk further up the canal, and try our nets here ...

The steps over Tooveys Bridge were always a steep climb for little legs ...

All Saints was the venue for the Sunday service that we attended, followed by Sunday School. It was stories about the miracles of Jesus that I didn't find convincing enough, that lead to me dropping out of Sunday School.

Church Hall, in Church Lane Kings Langley, was the venue for P.E. lessons while I was at Kings Langley JMI. Doing the high jump you could do the scissor jump, or try the Fosbury Flop.

This fine old building stands at the top of Church Lane.
Kings Langley Common, always a favourite playing area.
Nice to see they still have nets up for cricket practice.