Walking In Houghton Hall Park

I took these shots on 7/7/2014, uploaded them to Photosynth, and let Photosynth work its magic of knitting the pictures together and coming up with 3D walks, and a panorama. Each sequence is limited to 200 shots. In practice I've found that you need one shot for every short step you take in order to come out with a smooth sequence. For best results I've also tried to avoid people getting into the shots as repeated re-occurrence of a person in a different place is disconcerting. So, in these sequences I stopped shooting if a person appeared. Even so, a dog appears in a couple of frames and then disappears, almost ghost-like!

Walk 1

Houghton Hall Park Walk 1 by adw_2906 on photosynth

Walk 2

Houghton Hall Park Walk 2 by adw_2906 on photosynth

Panorama 1

Houghton Hall Park Panorama 1 by adw_2906 on photosynth

Walk 3

Houghton Hall Park Walk 3 by adw_2906 on photosynth

Walk 4

Houghton Hall Park Walk 4 by adw_2906 on photosynth

There was intended to be more sequences after the ones above, but maybe I forget that the card on my camera can't transfer more than a thousand frames? I'll need to limit the number of shots in future. Click here for images: