On The Route Of The #WoodsideLink Part 2: February 2015

On The Route of The Woodside Link


Fencing to keep the public off the roadway during construction. Tarmacced path between Frogmore and Wheatfield Rd. The new road will dissect this path. A pelican crossing is to be constructed.

Cleared for the new road.


Fenced. To keep public off the roadworks.

Towards Frogmore Rd.

Towards Sandringham Drive

Towards Frogmore Road

Towards Sandringham Drive

Towards Windsor Drive

Towards Sandringham Drive

West from bus link

The diamond shape pylon area by Parkside Drive disused buslink carries the 132kV cables which will be moved underground (work in progress) and when this has been completed the diamond towers will be removed. Expected to be completed by early 2016.


Part One: http://adwphotos.blogspot.co.uk/2015/02/on-route-of-woodsidelink.html
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