Cybermen May Have Destroyed Yorkshire Abbeys

A startling old photograph has come to light that shows a cyberman may have had something to do with the destruction of the North Yorkshire Abbey, Rievaulx Abbey.

The photograph, discovered in a boot sale at Calcutt, North Yorkshire, shows a cyberman moving rapidly past the tardis hotly pursued by the Doctor. The scene is played out in front of one of the destroyed buildings. Previously the damage was thought to have been caused by a decree issued by King Henry VIII.

The vendor of the photograph wasn't sure when it came into her families possession. The lady who gave her name as "Mrs Netherwaite". She told me, "The photograph was thought to have been kept in an old cellar in her house, that had been in her paternal family home for hundreds of years, but as far she was aware there were no more in her cellar."

It is thought that the government of the time may have covered up a cyberman attempted takeover of the planet, so as not to alarm the general populace. But the story put out was even more fantastical. They claimed that King Henry VIII was upset by the Pope, and had issued a decree in 1538 that the abbeys had to be dissolved. At that time there were reported to be 72 buildings occupied by an abbot and 21 monks at Rievaulx.

Speculation is now mounting that the secretive Cistercian monks may have dabbled in a previosuly  unknown photographic process.