Mahmutlar, Alanya, Development in 2005

I took the following photos in and around Mahmutlar area, 5-8km east of Alanya, in October 2005, and wrote the notes below for another website I was involved with at the time.

With a journey time from the UK to Antalya airport at around four hours, plus an onward journey time of 1.5 to 2 by taxi, a trip to Alanya on the Turkish southern Mediterranean coast is not for those who dislike travel. Once you are there this suburb of Alanya, known as Mahmutlar, has a lot to offer.

These photos taken in October 2005 show that there is a great deal of construction work underway, transforming what were banana plantations, into a haven for international holiday makers out to soak up the sun, for people retiring from the north European countries, and for those who are looking for a bargain.

New apartments in this area were being offered from 28,000 Euros for a one bedroom lower floor unit, to 128,000 Euros for a grand penthouse suite on the top floor. And that already represents a substantial improvement in prices for those who bought earlier in 2005.

On my visit I was able to book a three day coach tour to Capadocia for just £28 pounds per person; the price included 2 nights bed and breakfast with evening meals in a hotel, value for money you could not possibly get in the UK. A UK pensioner would find it quite easy to live a “comfortable life” in this area.

Mahmutlar's beach is not sandy, it is gritty, but that will not deter sun worshippers from laying out and soaking up the year-round sun. Apartments are being bought by northern Europeans, and Turks. Alanya has been growing steadily over the past 20 years, and now offers the tourist a plethora of shops, boutiques, tour boats, sights, bars, and discos. The local authorities in Alanya town are even tackling noise by linking discos and bars into a noise-control computer. One decibel over the limit and they could be closed down. How would I sum it up? Best thought of as Turkey's answer to Costa del Sol - but much cheaper with it!

I spoke to Mehmet Kaymaz of RAMAY CONSTRUCTION CO. LTD. and asked him, "What are the reasons people buy in Alanya and Mahmutlar?

Mehmet: “Alanya's wonderful and unique climate, its history, and lower prices are the top three reasons why people choose Alanya and Mahmutlar. People can enjoy the sunlight almost 300 days a year and I think people find the services satisfactory.”

Do you see prices rising?

Mehmet: Of course the prices will rise in the future because the construction market is on demand and it's likely to rise the rate of demand in the future.

Is there an earthquake risk?

Mehmet: Be sure that Alanya has no earthquake risk, the entire complexes have air pressure tank , generator and so on

Who is buying in Mahmutlar?

Mehmet: Especially retired people buy properties from Mahmutlar but there are also people at middle age. There are a lot of people from Netherlands, Ireland, Denmark, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Norway and a few from Russia are living in Mahmutlar.

Although the nearest international airport is a two hour drive there is a former military airport nearby, and the potential for it to be changed into a civilian airport. If that happens, this particular part of Turkey will see prices soaring.

Both Euros and New Turkish Lire are in common use



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