Woodside Link / HRN2 2017-05-05


1. East of the Frogmore Rd - Wheatfield Rd footpath

2. Community Orchard. 
West of the Frogmore Rd - Wheatfield Rd footpath

3. From the end of Pastures Way.
Enough of a gap to get a car through there!

4. To the left the old route to Parkside Drive,
to the right, the new path leading to roundabout.

5. From Pastures Way path westwards.

6. View to the north.

7. View to the north west

8. Wider view to the north west

9. View towards Luton from the 'corner' roundabout.

10. Another view towards Luton.

11. Water retention pond, view towards M1

12. View due south

13. View due west towards Houghton Park, Parkside.

14, View to north east

15. Roundabout to serve  area east of present
Parkside estate. View south towards Pastures Way.

16. View from (15 Roundabout) north easterly.

17. View from (15 Roundabout) easterly.

18. Houghton Brook (River Lea) from wooden
bridge near (15 Roundabout)

19. Houghton Brook (River Lea) the wooden bridge near (15 Roundabout)

20. Parkside Drive Link road nearing completion.


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