Houghton Hall Park 2014 Animated Gifs Part 1

Back in 2014, Houghton Hall Park had not been touched by the Heritage Lottery Fund Regeneration Project, and this was the brick and arched entrance from The Green behind the Pavilion, to the east of Houghton Hall.

Microsoft was experimenting with Photosynth at the time. The idea was to take pictures in sequence:  walk a space, take a picture, walk a space, take a picture... the pictures were then all 'cut up' by the online programme and restitched together via some algorithms, the effect was a realistic walkthrough of a location. Many contributions were made from around the world, I made several, but eventually, Microsoft gave up on the idea.

So, here, I've used smaller images of my originals and created animated gifs of them using gifmaker.me/ - the site is free and accepts 300 images in one go, up to 20MB per file, automatically generating a result. I used an animation gap of 120 milliseconds. You then need to download the images and store them somewhere else as the site deletes them after a few hours. So mine are stored here.

PART ONE: 28.7MB (so it may take a while to load!)