Around Kings Langley - Part 3

The school gate! Still there! This connected the infant school, which is now a newer housing site,  to the Kings Langley junior school, which is mostly now new houses.

I was two years in these pre-fab buildings, the top two junior classes. The classes of Mr Rolfe and Mrs Bones. Now being used by the Montessori school system. Nice to see something of the old school still standing, even if the fine old building in the middle of the grounds was demolished, and the playground built over.

The lower end of Kings Langley, was for me, Waterside. This was the place to get fish and chips, or if you were on the scrounge, crackling - sometimes they charged you as much as 6d a bag of crackling, if you were lucky, you got it for free.

Opposite the Kings Langley railway station area were fields, now they have Home Park Road, and even today there are new buildings going up for places of employment. The fa├žade of the Ovaltine factory has been retained in a new housing development construction. I suppose that's progress.

The top end of Kings Langley used to fascinate me for its historic connection to the past, and the presence of a hunting lodge for the King.
Langley Hill Cottage